Warning Signs for Speech-Language Problems

18-24 months

  • Does not name objects

  • Does not initiate communication

  • Does not follow simple 1 step directions

  • Does not maintain eye contact

  • Does not have any intelligible words

2-3 Years Old

  • Does not combine 2 -3 words in speech

  • Is unintelligible

  • Does not use or understand questions

  • Cannot express wants and needs

  • Exhibits frustration often

  • Does not attempt to communicate with peers

  • Less than 5-7 attempts to interact in a minute of free play

  • Does not answer y/n questions

3-4 Years Old

  • Does not use 4-5 word phrases in speech

  • Speech is difficult to understand

  • Errors in speech sounds noted

  • Does not tell narratives

  • Difficulty expressing ideas

  • Does not answer questions with an appropriate statement

  • Does not exhibit an understanding of basic and appropriate vocabulary

4-5 Years Old

  • Verbal expression sounds incomplete

  • Unable to express a feeling or need

  • Does not use 4-5 word phrases

  • Exhibits errors in speech

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